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Selectively bred to carry the elusive ‘soft-fat’ gene, known for its lower melting point and buttery mouth-feel, these full-blood wagyu are pasture-fed for at least two years before moving to supplemental grain finishing for consistency of marbling. In keeping with the over-all philosophy, the feed ration is uniquely created to incorporate a high ratio of grass fodder and kelp seaweed extract from nearby King Island to reflect the local flora. Seasonal variations are articulated through the naming of ‘Spring’ or ‘Autumn’ progeny. Visit to learn more.

Quality produce is something that develops over time. And for meat producers, the best of the best know that it’s a mix of genetics, environment, quality assurance, breeding, care, attention and time. It’s taken us years to get to know what the best branded meats are. We’ve tried and tested their products, visited their farms and watched them develop into the superstar products they are. So, if a brand appears on this list, you can feel confident and know that we stand behind it.
Prime Cut Meats Brands - Rangers Valley
Prime Cut Meats Brands - Black Onyx
Prime Cut Meats Brands - Kurobuta
Prime Cut Meats Brands - Cape Grim
Prime Cut Meats Brands - Robbins Island
Prime Cut Meats Brands - Murray Valley Pork
Prime Cut Meats Brands - Valenca Free Range Pork


Beef, pork, veal, poultry and lamb plus other specialties. Dry-aged beef, porchetta – if you can’t see it here, just ask us.


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