Special cuts, the quirky cuts – the kind of cuts that chefs couldn’t get anywhere in Queensland, that’s why we started Prime Cut Meats. That was back in 2007 when it was just Laurie and Neil. Now we’re open to the public too and have become one of the largest gourmet wholesale butchers in Australia

But at the heart of who we are is still a couple of butchers who want to bring the best cuts of meat to chefs and home cooks in South East Queensland so they can change the face of cooking – or just make amazing food.

Prime Cut Meats

The Queensland restaurant scene has grown up rapidly. It’s an exciting and innovative place to explore. It now boasts top chefs from here and all over the world – influencing a hungry local and international crowd. Before Prime Cut Meats, chefs would have to order special cuts and branded meat from interstate. Not an option, according to Laurie & Neil – and Prime Cut Meats began.

Founders, Laurie Marguglio and Neil Hughes still own the business today and they come from a long line of butchers. With fathers and grandfathers in the industry, stretching back four generations, it’s no wonder these two have it in their blood.

Let’s face it, butchers are down to earth people with hearts of gold. They spend all day crafting food for strangers, developing cutting-edge flavours and serving folks with a smile and tips on how to make the meat just right. Eventually the strangers become customers who come back for more, food chats turn to BBQ chats and football chats and family chats, and strangers become friends. It’s the butchers way. Laurie and Neil are more like that than anyone we know. It’s that customer focussed attitude that built Prime Cut Meats from a small wholesale operation to what you see today.

These days there isn’t a brand or cut that Prime Cut Meats don’t sell, or can’t source. We access quality product and work daily with reputable suppliers to maintain our standards. We’re an MSA licensed supplier and HACCP certified too, and with our team of 15 qualified butchers, people at the top of their game, our quality control is second to none. We don’t just sell to restaurants any more either, in a very exciting shift, we’re now open to the public! Food culture is all around us, so why not bring the restaurant cuts and flavours to the home kitchen?

How well do we know meat? Our fennel sausage recipe is kept secret by Laurie on a gnarly piece of paper, scribbled on during his apprenticeship (which was a long time ago, for anyone who’s wondering). It was passed onto him from his Italian Grandfather (also a butcher) all those years ago with the promise that he’d pass it on one day, but only to his next generation. Neil started butchering for chefs way back when he was still working at West End in Brisbane. He had a knack for breaking down an animal the way chefs want it done. Soon he was developing systems and portions that work perfectly for foodservice and now with the ground-swell of everyday cooks keen to cook the way chefs do, Neil’s knowledge and butchering style is the backbone of this organisation.

We’re a team of butchers and now chefs, led by the best and we’re here to serve, so, how can we help you?

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Beef, pork, veal, poultry and lamb plus other specialties. Dry-aged beef, porchetta – if you can’t see it here, just ask us.


Shop online. Choose your products, make your order and we’ll have your meat waiting for you. Open to trade and public.